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1. Reduce the number of wedding guests.

If youu2019ve already doled out the wedding invitations to your friends and family, this may not be the most feasible plan. But if youu2019re yet to finalize your guest list, it is recommended that you keep it short and personal.

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Downsizing the number of wedding-goers is the best action prior to the wedding to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the virus through the event. Besides, a shorter guest list makes organizing the wedding much easier, while keeping it memorable and personal to your loved ones.

2. Have a background check on all of your attendees.

Knowing the last whereabouts of your wedding attendees is necessary to know if they recently traveled to a country with high COVID-19 cases, like China or Italy, or if they have been in close contact with hospitals or positive patients. For wedding-goers that are sick or have been in places with high cases, you must discourage them from attending the wedding altogether. This helps you ensure that all of your attendees are COVID-free and not suspected of being a carrier.

The background check should include everyone, including the wedding planners and staff like your catering services. Most importantly, it should include you and your partner.

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3. Inform your wedding-goers about the disease and preventive measures.

All of your guests must be aware of the virus as well as its preventability. In your invitations and RSVPs, you can include a short briefer of the coronavirus and what the guests can do prior to the wedding to protect themselves. Additionally, this helps you get a better picture of the wedding guest list because some people may choose not to attend due to the outbreak.

This simple action of informing your attendees goes a long way to help them make necessary precautionary measures to keep your special day away from the virus.

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4. Provide protective, detection, and sanitary materials available at the venue.

It is important that amid the festivities and grandness of the wedding, it should also be properly and sufficiently supplied with COVID-19 prevention materials. There should be hand sanitizers and tissues available per table and sinks with soap and water where guests can wash their hands. Whatu2019s great is that these materials can easily be integrated into the motif of the wedding without being out of place.

There should be disposable face masks available at the event, used only when someone (whether staff or a guest) exhibits some symptoms. There should also be a designated area where those who become sick can be isolated from other attendees to prevent the spread of the virus.

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5. Have a medical team present in case of emergencies.

You can never be too prepared, and thatu2019s why it is wise to have a medical team present at the venue just in case there might be some guests that become sick or show symptoms during the event. With an on-call emergency team, sick attendees – with any disease, not just COVID-19 – can quickly be brought to the nearest hospital or center to receive necessary medical care.

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6. Plan out for possible contingencies.

With a virus outbreak with no clear treatment yet, you and the wedding planning committee must be prepared for any unwanted circumstances that might occur. For example, catering or decor services might back down because of the outbreak, so you should have backup concessionaires that can fill in for them.

In case the virus goes out of hand, you should also be open to the idea of postponing the wedding. This may be the best option to keep everyone safe and minimize losses in money, time, and effort.

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With the coronavirus looming from a distance, 2020 has already been full of challenges for all the excited wedding planners out there. But do not let a virus ruin all of your hard work for your big day. With smart and proactive planning that puts everyone’s health at topmost priority, you can make your wedding grand, memorable, and COVID-free.

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