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It is the start of a new year of a new decade, an it can only mean one thing for us wedding planners. This 2020, new and inventive wedding trends are emerging that are just too beautiful to not consider for your special day.

Whether you’re a free-spirited couple or one that simply wants to take their wedding up a notch, you need to take a look at these curated wedding trends that we are sure to see this new decade. Get inspiration from these 8 innovative themes and make them your own as you plan your wedding.

1. Florals everywhere

If you’ve ever wondered to repurpose the classic florals into something other than the bouquet and table decor, this new year is giving you the go signal. It is time to see flowers incorporated into the bridal gown, in romantic ceiling installations, and even as edible petals in the food.

It is also the year to ditch the romantic yet tired roses and try out unconventional flowers like orchids or lavender. One of the popular styles right now is using dried flowers that immediately add texture to any table setup.

Canva Wedding Bouquet e1583754895897 - 8 Wedding Trends You Need To Keep An Eye This 2020

2. Bold colors and patterns

We have seen strong colors incorporated into the wedding palette for the last few years, and the beloved trend continues on this 2020. Gone are the days of pastels and the overused white-and-gold, as more and more couples use rich reds and tasteful blues to spice up the motif. Different mix-and-matching of patterns and texture also make the decor and installations much more interesting.

This year, exciting colors are the new neutral.

Canva Fabulous bride and her bridesmaids holding bouquets and feeling elated in the garden on wedding day. - 8 Wedding Trends You Need To Keep An Eye This 2020

3. Art-inspired

Nothing makes a wedding more personal and unique than inspirations from the couple’s favorite artists. From impressionism to post-modern, pulling ideas from works of art is a great way to make the decor creative but cohesive. Just make sure to use complementary art styles so that everything still meshes together.

Canva Wedding in the style of rock. Rocker or Biker wedding. - 8 Wedding Trends You Need To Keep An Eye This 2020

4. Intimate micro-weddings

Smaller, more intimate gatherings are going to become a mainstay in the wedding scene this 2020. Micro-weddings open you up to more possible venue and catering options which are just unavailable for bigger crowds. With a significantly shorter guest list, you have a better opportunity to make your wedding a special and memorable one with your nearest and dearest.

Canva Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Outdoors - 8 Wedding Trends You Need To Keep An Eye This 2020

5. Lush and natural

Here’s a trend that just keeps coming back into the limelight. Keep the ambiance of your wedding feeling sharp and refreshing with lush greenery. For those looking for just a small kick to their wedding design, curated and modern greens are the way to go. Especially if you are planning an all-white wedding, a clean and classic palette is well-contrasted by some understated green decor.

Canva Wedding Table - 8 Wedding Trends You Need To Keep An Eye This 2020

6. Unorthodox attire

There are lesser and lesser rules that come with the wedding attire except for a crucial one: have fun with it. For the bride, big sleeves and capes are up-and-coming trends, or maybe you can try a floral or colored gown. For the groom, don a cobalt blue suit or a different bold color that goes well with your general motif.

It’s also time to add some spice to bridesmaid dresses by making them as varied as possible, adding pops of color, pattern play, and flowy or sculptured silhouettes.

Canva beautiful bride in bohemian wedding dress and hat with bouquet - 8 Wedding Trends You Need To Keep An Eye This 2020

7. Eco-conscious design

With the millennial population thinking more about eco-friendly practices, there has been a rise in weddings that are designed with sustainability in mind. Installations made from upcycled materials like paper and garments are nothing short of amazing and brilliantly made. Instead of expensive rings, an heirloom passed down through generations may be given.

Additionally, all leftover materials and paraphernalia get donated to a local charity or church. It’s a great way to include an honorable cause on your special day.

Canva Blonde Bride and Stylish Groom - 8 Wedding Trends You Need To Keep An Eye This 2020

8. Charming and mystical

One of the themes that are steadily creeping into the spotlight is a mystical wedding, and it is easy to see why. This type of motif gives your wedding a magical ambiance that is sure to catch your guest’s attention. Charm them with crystals and moody candles on the centerpiece, and fill the room with lilac flowers or richly colored tapestries. Your wedding-goers are sure to remember this otherworldly experience.

Canva vintage armchair near candles mirror and wedding dress 1 - 8 Wedding Trends You Need To Keep An Eye This 2020

With the turn of the new year, the landscape of wedding ideas just gets more exciting. There are many trends to consider out there that can make your wedding more refined and modern. Take inspiration from them, but more importantly, use and modify them to fit you and your partner’s style, to your own personal taste.

What are your favorite wedding trends this 2020?

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